Meta Spatial
Asset Marketplace
ASSETs are NFT items in the Marketplace in order to players can innovate other ASSET NFTs used in Meta Spatial such as character NFTs and spacecraft NFTs, planet NFTs, etc.
The Marketplace will use smart contracts to control auctions and item transactions. In this open market, the developer will allow creators to freely exchange ASSETS in Meta Spatial with others. Additional benefits of this marketplace are the economic principles enabling the community to define the reasonable price of user-generated ASSETs.
However, the real power of this market is that the ASSETs creators can create real values from the content they create.
ASSET tokens in our Marketplace will require some reasonable information to be displayed as a marketable good. These pieces of information are:
- Name & Category: To better identify ASSET being sold and to help potential buyers find it on the market
- Description: A description will help creators add specs such as size, potential patterns or even attach a short piece of fictional lore to ASSET.
- Thumbnails: The marketplace will show ASSET properties through thumbnails. - Price: Creators will have complete control over the price of ASSET in the market. This price will be set by SPAT.
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