Meta Spatial
The marketplace is the place allowing players to sell and buy in-game assets. By registering every asset created as NFTs, Meta Spatial will enable creators to have real ownership of everything they make. Players can sell and trade their NFTs on the marketplace to get profits for their work from other players.
Transactions are conducted through blockchain in Tatun, where credit card fraud is undoubtedly eliminated. In addition to solving all these problems, Meta Spatial aims to bring more value to CREATORS' handcrafted items. For the first time, CREATORS will be able to watch their uploaded ASSETS come to life as they see them used in-game as part of unique experiences.
When players exchange NFTs in Marketplace, transaction fees are deducted directly from the player's wallet by the blockchain network. The platform will charge a fee for both buyers and sellers (it is set at 2.5% for buyers and 2.5% for sellers in the initial stage). Creators and sellers can launch NFT auctions in the marketplace to transmit their NFTs to potential buyers and earn a better chance of selling them for a higher price.
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