Meta Spatial
Meta Spatial's mission is to develop a virtual universe where players can create, play, share, and trade without any centralized control. Users have the permission of safe copyright ownership with the ability to earn SPAT & GSTA. In the age of Metaverse technology, Meta Spatial is proud to be a pioneering project in integrating virtual reality technologies to help players experience the game most realistically and transparently. Meta Spatial is also aiming for a completely decentralized ecosystem, where players have complete freedom to create and have the right to decide on the following content of the platform. Meta Spatial is also a fair game for all players to participate in. Players want to earn many tokens or not based on the creativity and battle skills that players accumulate.
We have a strong product development roadmap and a leading team with a great vision to develop unique virtual platforms where players can create, build, own, battle and monetize their games. Experience and spread the power of blockchain as the leading technology in the gaming industry.
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