Meta Spatial
What is GSTA?
GSTA token is the currency generated as a reward during participation in Meta Spatial activities. GSTA is a BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain
Mining and burning GSTA will be entirely based on the development and adoption of the game's user base. GSTA supply and pricing will be kept at levels to maintain in-game asset valuations at a reasonable level and optimize entry levels for new users, while allowing the market to appreciate the game from outside.
GSTA will be used for these purposes:
Spatial Moon:
  • Pay for the participation in the arena
  • Pay for the creation of personal maps
  • Buy limited NFTs
  • Increase some attributes during the match (this attribute will reset at the end of the match).
Spatial Galaxy:
  • Pay for participating in interplanetary wars
  • Pay for planet creation
  • Pay for crafting spaceships
  • Increase some attributes during the battle (attributes reset after the battle ends)
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