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Extended Reality
XR - Extended Reality is a new term in the technology dictionary. Only a few people have known about Extended Reality until now. Extended reality relates to all environments that combine real and virtual with human-machine interactions created by computer technology and virtual reality glasses. Extended reality includes all types of virtual reality such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR). It mentions IT technology that blends reality and virtual reality (game space, CG video.) through computers, headphones, etc. Techniques like SR, AVR can also make this. XR is the common name for such techniques. In other words, you can think of XR as an umbrella containing all three forms of virtual reality.
The modern age begins with fascination and inspiration. So, everyone can experience and expand their capability of reality discovery through a combination of physical and virtual technology. One cutting-edge technology is Extended Reality (XR) “Extended Reality Technology” that can meet these requirements. This technology combines virtual reality, augmented reality, and newly developed modern technologies, engaging and attracting users on more profound, more meaningful levels. Thereby it creates entirely new ways for users to experience the world around them.
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